Amber Mala Prayer Beads


About this Mala:

108 6mm Baltic Amber Mala Prayer Beads beads, with semiprecious stone and gold markers, finished with a Snakeknot and semiprecious stone adornments, the end beads can be either onyx or carnelian. These beads are very round, A grade, gem quality Real Amber with natural inclusions. Amber is getting more and more difficult for us to find, so we are delighted to offer this mala to you!

About Amber:

Amber is an ancient petrified pine tree resin. It is worn as jewelry and burned as incense by Tibetans and Native Americans for both social and sacred use. Amber diskette coins were also traded as currency by the Vikings.

Healing Properties:

Amber: Helps lift the heaviness of one’s burdens, allowing happiness to infuse one’s being. Amber absorbs impurities of the body and spirit, and should be cleansed or purified after being used for healing to dispense negative energy it may have absorbed. The golden color is associated with the Buddha Ratnasambhava, who helps to remove poverty by reminding us of our inherent richness and wealth.


All malas have a 30 day guarantee to protect from breakage. Complimentary Silk Mala Bag included!



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