The Aries Inspired Mala


About this Mala:

The Aries Inspired Mala crafted with wood beads, jade, genuine smoky quartz and golden spacers, and finished with an Aries Birthstone natural rock quartz crystal focal bead and a natural cotton tassel.

About Aries Malas:

Inspired birthstone mala designs, each to capture the healing energy and essence of the sunsign, gender neutral. Clear Crystal is the semiprecious birthstone for Aries.

Healing Properties:

Smoky Quartz: One of the best grounding stones available. It helps connect to the nonphysical chakras and bring one back to the physical world. It can protect from negative energies by grounding them to the earth, and assists in organization and sensibility in everyday life.

Jade: Considered the most precious of all stones in ancient Egypt and even now in Japan and the Orient. It is credited with five qualities: clarity, courage, justice, wisdom, and modesty. It is folklored to evoke tranquility, so much so that even holding Jade in your hand may cause a feeling of serenity or wisdom. Consequently, it also said to help to the smooth transition to the next world and aids in peaceful death and dream yoga. Jade provides protection from from enemies and during long journeys.


Complimentary Silk Mala Bag included!


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